Restore x club psora

An in-depth nutrition guide for people with skin conditions

Heal your gut to heal your skin

  • Prevent skin flares by identifying your unique food sensitivities
  • Heal the gut health issues clinically linked to skin conditions
  • Reduce inflammation, restore the gut barrier and detoxify the liver
  • Improve immune function and skin cell regeneration to heal faster from flares
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How it works: The 21-Day Protocol

  • 3 weeks
    For 21 days, you’ll eat healing foods that are easy on the digestive system and full of vibrancy and flavor.
  • Reintroduction
    After 3 weeks, you’ll enter a phase of reintegration in which you introduce foods back into your diet one by one.
  • Long-lasting results
    Changing the way you eat is a process. Our comprehensive guide offers support every step of the way.
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Restore x club psora has been the
most important piece of my healing
journey. My skin is 98% clear!

– Allie, club psora member

Restore x club psora

A gut guide purpose-designed for people with skin conditions.
Nutritionist-developed with 80 pages of resources and anti-inflammatory recipes.

What’s included
  • 50+ adaptable recipes
  • Green-light foods + things to avoid
  • Weekly meal plans
  • Cooking, shopping + prep guides
  • Background on the gut-skin connection
  • In-depth nutrition resources
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Healing doesn’t have to be a solo job. Join our community today.

Restore x club psora has a sister module of the same name in our membership portal. Go deeper and learn about the connection between your gut and skin. Ready to begin? Team up with a fellow member for encouragement, guidance and support

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