Challenging the
prognosis of an
incurable diagnosis

Meet our founder,
Miriam Thom

After finding remission from late-onset severe psoriasis, Miriam learned that anyone can be at the helm of their own healing. In 2021, she launched club psora, a platform and membership program for people living with skin conditions who want to explore options for natural healing.

Like many people living with chronic illness, Miriam struggled with misdiagnosis and misinformation in trying to manage her condition. She created club psora to provide for others what was missing for her: a safe container offering access to specialists, resources, personal stories and community discourse. Above all, her mission is to facilitate a roadmap for people living with skin conditions as they navigate their own path of healing.

Miriam’s Journey

Born from her own struggles with chronic skin disease, Miriam launched club psora —
acommunity-based membership program around naturally healing skin conditions.

Diagnosed with severe guttate, inverse and scalp psoriasis

Miriam was working as a filmmaker in New York when she experienced her first psoriasis flare, a severe outbreak that covered 95% of her body. She was just shy of her 30th birthday.

Identified a gap in healthcare for chronic skin conditions

She was told she could only manage her symptoms through immunosuppressants with adverse side effects, or through a prescription topical that cost roughly $900/month — with zero evidence of success in patients with guttate psoriasis

Pursued holistic healing and found remission

After turning to integrative medicine, holistic nutrition, mind-body practices and other interventions, Miriam achieved psoriatic remission which she has maintained since 2019.

club psora is born

After finding remission with her own psoriasis, Miriam launched club psora in 2021. It is the first monthly membership program for naturally healing psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions

Members in 20 countries worldwide

club psora members report improved skin clearance and management of skin flares, reduced anxiety and depression, and improved sense of community and support.

1-on-1 Consultation

Create your plan for healing through 1-on-1 sessions with
Miriam. Schedule your free introduction call today.

Miriam’s Approach

360° of tools for healing skin conditions. Discover your triggers, address
the root cause of your condition and see your skin heal
  • Skin health resources and sustainable lifestyle practices
  • Clinically backed mind-body techniques for stress management
  • A supportive
    team of holistic specialists
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