Frequently Asked Questions

Is club psora only for people with psoriasis?

Anyone looking for a space to heal their skin is welcome here. The root of the word “psora” is itch, and those with atopic dermatitis (including eczema) will know all about that. club psora was created because our founder discovered there was no space for people with psoriasis who wanted to heal naturally, but our program has been fine-tuned for both eczema and psoriasis and can benefit anyone who has experienced a prolonged skin condition. Keep in mind that atopic dermatitis like eczema often involves the same triggers and healing methods as psoriasis and necessitates the same stress management techniques. You can also join our community and show us your skin @clubpsora #lookbeyondthesurface. See you there!

Will club psora heal my skin condition?

We hope so! But at club psora, we don’t tote cures or push products. Our program is a roadmap for taking control of your life and guiding your mind-body to homeostasis, a state of equilibrium. It’s a way to join a community of people dealing with the same challenges, educate yourself, and find the treatments and lifestyle that work for you and best support your skin.

How does your membership program work?

We don’t think of healing as a straight, linear path. In fact, it’s more like a circle. Our monthly membership program is born of four basic principles that we explore in new ways each month, all designed to support you on your path of self-directed healing. In your first month, you’ll receive a welcome package and a new module each week which will cover one of the four core principles. In the months that follow, you’ll explore these same concepts from new entry points. Our hope is for you to engage meaningfully with this cycle of healing and return to it over the course of your life.

What’s included in my membership? How do I access materials?

Membership begins on the first Monday of every month and includes four modules released on a weekly basis (you’ll also receive a welcome package and the club psora Restore Protocol when you join). Every Monday, you’ll receive the week’s module by email. In it, you’ll find:

  • a summary of the week’s live events (workshops, lectures, Q&As, and your discussion pod)
  • a list of additions to our resource library (therapeutic mind-body classes and videos)
  • your weekly learning materials including assignments, resources and prompts

Meanwhile, our interactive membership portal lives on a private Instagram account. It’s where we come together to learn, guide and empower each other as we navigate our own paths of self healing. This is where you’ll go to attend live events, access our resource library, and engage with others in the community via our facilitated discussion pods. All live events and classes are archived for members to access at any time.

Visit our membership page to find the right subscription option for you.

Can I join club psora at any time?

You certainly can. When you do, you’ll receive our welcome package, which offers the preliminary steps in identifying your triggers and understanding your own unique skin condition. You’ll also receive the club psora Restore Protocol, a 21-day nutrition guide purpose-designed for people with skin conditions. You’ll start receiving modules on the first Monday of the following month along with the rest of the club psora membership community.

Can I be a part of the club psora community without a membership?

Absolutely. The club psora community is for anybody who has ever lived with a skin condition or advocates for body and skin positivity. Engage with @clubpsora on IG and sign up for our monthly community newsletter. Every month we offer a resources for the larger public. Keep an eye out for these offerings!

Will my membership be covered by my benefits or insurance?

We’re working toward a future where alternative health care is accessible to everyone. Unfortunately in the U.S. (where we’re located), we’re not there yet. Check your benefits package for a general health fund or wellness dollars — we’ll qualify. We also offer employers an incentivised package for their wellness programs (a PwC research determined that 79% of U.S. employers offer such programs). Connect us with your workplace and we’re happy to broker the deal for you.

Why are memberships priced the way they are?

Your membership supports our team and the specialists we feature who are working towards the larger vision of helping people heal themselves. We do not believe in free work and always pay our collaborators a living wage. We believe that holding space for advertising further commodifies a problematic wellness industry. Our membership model powers club psora’s mission to maintain a brand-free and ad-free platform. Our month-to-month membership is less than the average holistic treatment, therapy session or gym membership. We also offer 20% off all memberships for students, discounts on long-term commitments and full or partial scholarships for those in financial need.

I can’t afford a membership, now what?

We’re here for you! We believe that treating skin conditions should be affordable and alternative approaches should be made accessible. We provide discounts for students and long-term memberships and we also host partial and fully funded scholarships for those in financial need. Apply here

My skin has cleared! Does it make sense to continue my membership?

Congratulations! We know it won’t have been easy. Homeostasis (the mind-body’s state of self-sustained balance) is a wonderful place. But it’s also often where the deepest work begins. You may already be questioning how to bridge your current way of life with your lifestyle before club psora. Managing psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions means that even when you’re clear, you’re taking preventative measures to avoid flares. We guide members through actionable steps when their body is in a reactive state and then help them go deeper into their personal development when they reach homeostasis. Our program is designed to help you master your healing lifestyle and sustain balance long-term.

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